The Charm Of Pier and Beam Homes




I'm no master in terms of home design, but there are several nice designs which were around a while that seem to be pretty good. If they didn't or weren't sound, i then don't think they'd be used that much nowadays. One type of home design that has been going strong for a few hundred years is the pier and beam design. - foundation repair Austin

It appears like the name is just too straightforward and that it would be a lot more complicated of the design than the name suggest, but I can assure you, that's not the case. The whole thing is really made of piers and beams. A pier is dug beneath the ground to rest on stone then piers are placed on top of that to produce up the home by connecting to other piers. Pretty simple in terms of laying a residence out, in my opinion.

It was a very popular home design before the 1960's. It is still used today, but other designs have grown in popularity through the years. However, the 1800's charm of the "floating house" still appeals to lots of people, hence its still prevalent usage today. I've found the design kind of charming, myself. - foundation repair Austin